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Kris Lamorena is a Filipino artist based in London known for her figurative paintings.  Her subjects are mostly fictional often portraying people at rest in nondescript settings. She takes inspiration from her love of old photographs, cinema and her travels. She hopes to capture a sentiment, a mood.  Both familiar and nuanced the characters in her paintings invites the viewer to their own interpretation and join the conversation about identity and representation. 


Since spring 2022 she has devoted time to study ceramics and is incorporating tiles, sculptures and other objects with her new body of work.  The current on going collection of new pieces are more personal, further delving into themes of identity, family, displacement, childhood memory and her experience of navigating her way through contemporary sociopolitical and societal climate. 


Currently travelling through Mexico, Kris is undergoing further research into her heritage and the effects of the Spanish colonisation of the Philippines & Latin America. Having a Spanish name from both her paternal & maternal side of her family she trying to connect the dots which is inform ing the works she is producing in 2023 incorporating pre-Hispanic traditions in art & craft.




'Holding Space'

group exhibition with Subject Matter Art - June 2021 London 

'A Studio Somewhere, Half A Century Away'

online group exhibition -  Ladies Drawing Club  April 2021

The Summer Salon group exhibition 

Islington Arts Factory, London 2019

'True Grit'

solo exhibition at Studio 73, Brixton, London 2016

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